Places To Look For A Property Valuation

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Enterprise from that debt why does that give you enterprise value and so you know we’ve spoken about the situation where let’s say we have a market let’s say we have two values of the business market market value kind of continually and let’s say we have once they let some of the book value just to illustrate this guy right so the boat value of identity is the value of the business as in terms of ice pellets that’s right so if you look at the shareholders equity on the balance sheet.

But since five that’s the value of the business the shareholders as written up by the book sand you should have a better understanding of how it comes to me that grows based internet when we did the income statement casual statement balance your clothes right property valuation of sustainable commercial buildings as you generated that increases your you’re sure exactly and now you can relate to . that to market by market value is the share price time to share just an timeshare dust in number of shares and that usually results in a premium that’s higher than the above.

Value of the equity why is that well this value of the business is given by the market the shareholders return this bad and this is usually is a premium to book value why why is the market capital business usually at a premium to book backs what investment banking question is why do you subtract cash from why did you try to cash from that day in enterprise value and when you look at this formula it’s okay well let’s let’s suppose to take market cap and then charged in double half- catch I wouldn’t what does that mean well if you want to subtract minus cash and work out the start of a lot of moneybox going to rewrite this may be easier to read market cap plus short term and yet less long-term debt right if we do – cash to get.